Like that, we became the first and last boarders at Sinchon Boarding House. My life at the age of 20, when there wasn’t anything special, in the city of Seoul where there were more than a hundred thousand people, these special people I got to meet like a miracle. We spent very special times together at Sinchon boarding house. We cried, we laughed, we met, we separated, we had heartaches. Even though each of us had slightly different memories, encounters and loves, we were together at the same time and same place like a miracle. 

Those passionate and pure days that I miss so much. Do you hear it? If you can, then answer, my ’90s.


ChilBong you deserve better.


ChilBong you deserve better.

a good repost for reply 1994 

" Hi all, I was going to post in

the main thread, however it is
closed. May i share my
thought here with chilbongers?
The post may not be only
about Chilbong, it is about the
whole drama but it will have a
big part about my thoughts on
chilbong character. Please let
me post it her. It will be a
very long post, my first one
since i “retired” from soompi
a few years ago. Please
pardon me if i talk too much.
First, for introduction, i am the
class of 1994 (actually both
my husband and i are class of
1994 and my husband spent
one year in Yonsei in 1994, so
this drama is basically about
our generation, needless to
say how much i looked
forward to this drama. In
addition, I have been a fan of
Reply 1997 (my sister is class
of 1997) because it is so
freshl energetic and
everything about it was so
wonderful, fast paced but well
done and well thought, i doubt
that any one would not like
reply 1997 if from your
generation. Si from beginning,
Reply 1994 has a soft spot in
me, and i was waiting for it
with all the eagerness and
nostagia that i have for those
youthful years. About the
actors, i have been following
Ko Ara for a while (since her
role in Who are you) and Jung
Woo is an actor that caught
my attention recently, he is
actually a very solid actor
though underrated and
infamous. Ko Ara, though is
very beautiful and more
popular, she is a less talented
than Jung Woo and famous
for not having good chemistry
with her co-actor. Other
actors i have never seen them
before but i believe they have
to be good. Ara is the only
one that has my concern. For
the first few episodes i think
they did a good job
introducing everyone. Every
one has their own and u ique
story, and every one is very
attractive in their own way.
Again, only Ko Ara did not
shine as much as Eun Ji in
reply 1997 but she did an ok
job for pottraying a strong
willed girl (or fangirl) outside
and spoiled at home, but at
the same time, responsible
and caring for her friends.
About others, i have to say
they did a great job,
Samchunpo, Haita, Baro,
Chilbong, the guys have been
super good, i have fallen in
love with both Haitai and
Chilbong, in some episode i
shipped for Haitai to be the
husband, and most of episode
i shipped more either Chilbong
or Jung Woo. This is a
Chilbong thread but can i talk
a little bit about Jung Woo or
Trash too? We should
understand and acknowledge
the rival equally to be fair in
the game, right? Isnt it the
ChiLbong manner and spirit?
Jung Woo is very good actor
and his Trash role is a
difficult one. He needs to be
trashy, silly, silent and over
thinking some times,
confusing and sending mixed
signals at the beginning and
through out the drama. He is
the one with a lot of troubles
inside that he needs to fix, to
get over and solve it. He is the
character that needs to grow
up in this drama. So how to
be both confusing, hateful
sometimes but also lovable,
that is not an easy role.
However he did a good job. I
think i will talk more about
Chilbong and Na Jung after
talking about Trash. Why i
mentioned Trash first?
Because i want to explain (or
at least find a reason for
myself) why i shipped , the
first time in life, for Chilbong ,
a second lead actor, but not
Trash, the first lead actor -
this is the first time in my life.
I think i like Jung Woo as an
actor and i emphasize with
Trash as a character, i
understand his development,
his hesitation, his flaws, but i
dont understand his
relationship with Na Jung. It
is not very realistic. Maybe
because Ko Ara did not deliver
the role and the emotions very
well. Or maybe she was also
confused by the script (and
the husband secret) so she did
not know who she should love
fully. That is why i could not
buy wholly the love story
between Na Jung and Trash,
or at least, did not find
sparks. Dont get me wrong, i
felt for “Autumn in my heart”
OTP, the sibling thing is not
what turned me off. I just
could not feel anything
between Trash and Na Jung.
Even when they kissed, there
is awkwardness. Even when
they hugged, there was
hesitation. The only time i felt
something is when they held
hands for first date (musical
date) and when Jung Woo
cried at the cafe in episode
20. Their love was given a lot
of screentime but was not
executed well, development is
choppy and the break up is
also not clear, it is a break
up. Oh it is drifting apart
though no body needs to talk
about break up. Then it seems
like problem unsolved. But i
could not believe that Trash
still loved her but did not go
to airport to pick her up, or
talk to her on the phone for
few weeks, they did not
converse though met at the
hospital and no one, papa or
mama mentioned or talk
about one of them (Na Jung
or Trash) to the other. As if
they broke up cleanly for sure,
they really avoided each other,
not because they were taking
their time solving the
problems. I can go on and on
about what i did not like
themexecute the love story
between Trash and Na Jung. I
can go on and on about Na
Jung character losing her own
charm. She basically lost her
identity after falling in her
love for Trash. Basketball did
not appear in her life any
more. The friendship with
Haitai seems dissapear too,
she did not go visit him even
one time in 2 year army (only
YoonJin couple went a few
times). The strong willed girl
disappear, instead, she
became all giddy and oppa
oriented. She really faded
away in this relationship ,
unlike Yoon Jin, Samchunpo,
Baro and Haitai. The only
time that she grown up a little
bit is when she showed
responsibility for her family,
stand up to get a job and
parted far from Oppa. But
when she returns and met
oppa again, she lost her
charm again and chasing aftr
oppa. In reply 1997 i know
about Eun Ji’s job, her
colleague, her ambition,
besides her kid and life, in
Reply 1994 it seems Na Jung
‘s life is about oppa, getting
married to oppa and having
three kids. With those
dissatisfaction about Na Jung
and not too much attraction
to Oppa character, i became
in love with Chilbong. Not
because he is handsome or
talent. I have to say when did
you not see a handsome face
and incredible character in
kdrama? What i love about
Chilbong, Haitai, Samchunpo
and Yoon Jin is that they are
strong, honest, straigt forward
and ambitous , just like our
generation. They have love
and dream. And they work
hard for their dreams. You
cant not fall in love with
them,b ecause their life is not
only about love life. It is about
getting over yourself and
adjust it to the situation and
your partner, whether it is
about obsession (Yoon Jin
over Seo Taiji), or your
personality (Samchunpo), or
girls’ problem (Haitai) or
career and loneliness
(Chilbong), those characters
are shining and going forward
in their own life path, they are
both living- loving and
growing up with consistance. I
love how they are pottrayed
and how their story evolved.
Eventhough a lot of people
dissapoited in how Chilbong
did not get enough story line
and seems to be a catalyst,
and i get that dissapointment
here and there, i am still
confident to say that Chil
Bong is a wonderful, lovely
and shining character. He is
given much less screentime
but he shined in every minute
given. His story is very
attractive and that is why so
many fans ship for him. He is
a lonely man, without family
but always smiling and
always strong, good spirit, no
one ever feel that he is pitiful
or anything. He constantly
keep trying, in his career, in
caring for people,
understanding and
acknowledging his baseball
team mate and his huyngl .
Every body loves him. He
seems does not read much or
think much about something,
friends always trying to coach
him, and i remember laughing
about how he did not have a
favorite quote. However, in
decisive moment, this man
never be indecisive, in all
interviews, he used something
that people advice him, but he
made it thougtful and he
seasoned and made it about
himself. It seemed about him
after a lot of thinking, it does
not aound like copying or
borrowing from some one. In
the most desperate moments,
before leaving japan, before
trully ending the feelings, he
has never lost the charm as
the most manly man in the
show, he has never lost his
spirit. Whenever he facing
Trash, even in 2013 scene,
being the sweetest and
gentle, charming guy ever,
you stil can see the tiger”
spirit in his eyes , the eyes
looking at the rivals with no
fear and the eyes withno low
self esteem even when he is
defeated. Only him can say
“not me” (first love worked
out) with a smile on his face.
When he was in deepest
loneliness and sorrow, i dont
feel he crashed down, i
always believe in him that he
will shine again and get
everything he deserves. He is
lonely but strong. He is
persistent but gentle and shy
in a way. He never gives up
but very sensitive and caring.
The narrative that Chilbong
gave and the story about
Chilbong - 10.000 hour rule,
miracle, growing up, getting
over difficulty and loneliness,
it is all very beautiful and it
is actually what my
generation has been proud
for. I can understand why
people are drawn more to
Chilbong than Oppa or Na
Jung. Oppa. Being a smart
resident doctor, sucessful in
both academic and sport, silly
and cute, sweet, responsible,
has been the oldest and thus
always confident and caring,
however, indecisive, can not
open up to people and has
some communication
problems. I can understand
why korean peole love Oppa
(believe me, they love all the
doctors and very symphasize
with the doctors) but as i
said, Chilbong has a better
story and more attractive
character development,
together with Yoon Jin,
Samchunpo and Haitai, all of
them are strong and
charismatic character, and
well developped, it made Oppa
and Na Jung story become
faded and boring and
sometimes not intergrated
well in the story. Anyway, this
post is already too long. I
think you can see how much i
love Chilbong character and
how frustrated i must have
been because with such
beautiful narrative, they did
not give him a better ending
deserving what he was
pottrayed at the first half of
the show. I am ok with him
broken hearted after Na Jung
refused him but i, also, did
not like that they made it too
late. Eun Ji in Reply 1997
clarified it with Tae Woo right
after she felt something about
Yoon Jae, she never hesitated
and then hang out with him
without telling hi, that they
would not work out. However,
Na Jung in Reply 1994,
eventhough she is a tomboy
and very strong, she did not
tell Chilbong clearly afte the
first confession, and there is
no awkwardness in their
relationship after wards, she
still hang out with him, going
to library, eating out, spending
time together as much as her
boyfriend, for all that i doubt.
It is not realistic. At all. One
thing i dont like about reply
1994 is that they have a lot of
time that (seemingly) they
can develop story for evey
one, but the well roundedness
that writer want to give
everyone is that they all find a
lover and get married. The
story of Haitai and Baro is
rushed. Only Yoon Jin story is
developped well enough. na
Jung and Oppa break up is
rushed and reconcile is
confusing and rushed too.
Needless to say ChilBong is
really a “step character” with
a girl pushed on him in the
last minute. The writer tried to
lay out a lot of oreparation for
all characters and seemed to
promise good development
but in the end, most of it is
rushed and main development
is choppy and confusing. The
actors itself does not know
who she should love fully thus
her character also sent mixed
signals about her feelings. I
blamed this partly because of
Go Ara’s acting limitation. For
me, though i love chilbong
(along with Haitai and Yoon
Jin) the most, i dont like that
na Jung goes lovey dovey on
Chil bong so much so he
always has hope u til the last
episode. If she is really a
good friend and does not want
to hurt him, she should be
clearer with him from
beginning and when she is in
trouble with Trash. Why cant
she say ” Joonah, i still love
oppa though we drifted apart,
we did not cleanly break up
and my heart is confused right
now”. The more one partner is
unclear, the more hope the
other person gets and the
more hurt in the end. Anyway
fans ar ranting (me too) but in
a way, i believe Chilbong is so
strong and he prepared his
mentallity for this all those
years , so he will be fine.
January 2000 to January
2002 is a long time and thus
he could heal enough. He let
go of the girl and he got over
it with his usual spirit, loosing
a game but winning again -
winning is not about getting
the same girl , winning is
about his getting back his
spirit and confidence, and
suceed for himself . For all, i
think in this drama, in the end
everybody grown up. And
Chilbong got stronger and
gain friends - his family. That
is the most important thing.
From 2002 to 2013 is 9 years,
though they did not have time
to show it but i am sure
Chilbong is happy and more
successful than anyone else.
So please be happy for him
and relieve your dis
satisfaction. I have my dis
satisfaction too but at least
Chil Bong is such a great and
lovable character with the
most beautiful narrative and
wonderful strong spirit that i
come to love and admire. I
think that is all i can wish for
from Reply 1994.”
ㅡjoicy1 @soompi

Reply 1994 - What does it teach us? 


- Miracles do not exist.

- Hard work will not pay off

- You will end with your first boyfriend/girlfriend

- Being rude and comfortable at your first love’s house is normal

- Once one break up, one can get back together

- It ain’t over til it’s really over

- You can be famous overnight



No, guys. It’s not just because my ship sunk that I’m not happy with the ending. It’s because I’ve been yanked around for 21 hour-and-a-half episodes that I couldn’t get where the story was headed.

I needed a story that made sense from start to finish. And honestly, I knew it wouldn’t make much sense whether she ended up with either one. 

But really, other than the main love triangle, I loved the drama. 

We were there, and we will be there. 

Kau adalah orang yang pertama kali melihatku mengutuk Hakua atas ide gilanya seperti kerasukan, dan kau juga orang yang pertama sadar jika aku tidak menolak. Aku membiarkan diriku percaya bahwa musik bukanlah hal yang sepatutnya terus kudalami karena itu terus mengingatkanku pada saat-saat dimana kita berbicara lewat nada dan harmoni, tapi pada akhirnya gitar usang yang kutaruh di dalam gudang kusentuh kembali untuk sebuah acara kecil yang semula kumaki-maki.

Kita, di sini sekarang, memulai kembali seolah yang lalu-lalu tidak pernah terjadi. Aku tidak diperbolehkan untuk berharap lebih jauh, bukankah? Tapi mengapa satu refleks yang kubuat justru membuatku berpikir mungkin sejak dulu seharusnya aku membiarkan kau tahu?

“Omae mo. Ganbare.” Kau, dengan wajah sebeku esmu masih tidak berubah. Dan aku, berdiri di sini, mati-matian mempertahankan harga diri padahal aku ingin menangis dan menghambur ke pelukanmu seperti yang dulu-dulu. Kau tahu. Tapi kau membiarkannya terpendam seolah-olah aku memang terlahir seperti ini, dan kau terlahir seperti itu. Aku hanyalah gadis pengecut yang memiliki perasaan terkatup rapat yang dibalur gengsi tinggi, dan kau, being you, adalah laki-laki pendiam yang selalu tahu kelemahanku.

Satu kali dalam hidupku, aku ingin kau tahu betapa aku ingin menginginkanmu kembali.

Lewat harmoni yang kita bagi di atas lampu sorot yang sama, aku membiarkanmu tahu, walau sekali—bahwa gadis pengecut yang baru saja meninju bahumu masih berharap cerita yang dulu terputus bisa kembali ditorehkan di buku cerita baru.

I don’t know when, but in a few years, if we should happen to meet again…and if, at that time, you don’t have anyone by your side… then… let’s date.

“I learned it then—to a man there is always that one woman that should never be touched—her name is First Love.” — Reply 1994 (via thoughtsrunninginmymind)


reply 1994 <3


reply 1994 <3

Zhang Liyin looking down [Themed]